Untitled (220-09), 2009

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All we are, all we see, is nature. Things grow, or someone makes them. We make objects of all sizes, buildings, art. Then they get old, sometimes are torn down, even made to disappear, by water, wind, by tectonic plate movements, volcanoes, earthquakes. Or they fall down from their own weight, or are pushed, shot at, blown up, smashed. Yet, the pure material remains. The materials are reused down through the ages. Architecture and painting and sculpture are made from these raw and recycled materials. An artist’s eye and hand moves over the materials while at the beach, or visiting an Italian city, or in the studio, remembers them as they used to be and rearranges them: the broken buildings, the stones, the titles, the pigments. In my work I’m re-imagining the present, trying to hold it steady.

-Hermine Ford